ANN GREENBERG L.Ac,. M.Ac, Dipl. Ac.





About Acupuncture Treatment
During your first visit: We will have the opportunity to both talk at length about your health and wellness needs and goals and inquire about your health history. We will also question and examine you; we will look at your tongue, take your pulse, palpate your abdomen and ask questions to define your diagnosis. Oriental Medicine treats you based on your constitution and your own individual pattern, not just the disease symptoms. Our intention is to not merely focus on the symptoms of your condition, but to treat the underlying cause of those symptoms.

Acupuncture Needles: The needles that we use are very thin and solid, about the diameter of a human hair and made of the finest quality stainless steel. Individually sterilized and pre- packaged, they are used for each treatment, and disposed of after use. Once the needle is inserted, many patients report varying experiences such as feeling a dull ache, a swirling sensation, warmth, or a sensation of energy or release. Every point has a slightly different feeling depending on the location. The needles are placed in points along your body’s meridians. Meridians are the interconnected pathways throughout your body that connect to all your internal organs and govern your energy flow. The needles are conducting and activating your own bio energetic response (your life source, what the Chinese call Qi) with the intent to unblock and assist you to heal. Some needles may be used to stimulate a point by simply inserting the needle in and out, while others are left in for 10-40 minutes depending on your condition. You may use this time to rest, relax and breathe.

How treatments progress:
Changes can be dramatic or subtle. Some people notice rapid improvements of their symptoms, while others experience more gradual shifts in their well-being. In general, the more severe or long-standing a condition, the longer it will take to shift with treatment. Many people report increased relaxation, improved sleep, enhanced mood, healthier digestion, and a greater sense of well-being. Your progress will be monitored carefully.

How often do I need to be treated?
Expect to come for treatment once per week for four to eight weeks. In acute conditions, treatment may be required more than once per week.
After four to eight weeks, we will evaluate how acupuncture is serving you. At that point, treatments are generally spaced once again according to each patients needs and health issues. Once acute health issues are resolved some people find that acupuncture assists them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so that they continue to come every other week. Others find that treatment once per month or seasonally are more ideal and a wonderful way to prevent your symptoms from returning while also maintaining your optimal health. Ultimately, what feels best for you is the determining factor in the frequency of treatment.

Getting Started:
Please contact me by email or by phone to schedule your first appointment. If you have questions and are not sure please call to arrange a free phone consultation to discuss your questions.

What About Needles? 

The needles used to stimulate acupuncture points bears little resemblance to hypodermic syringes. Acupuncture needles are very slender, barely beyond the thickness of a human hair. The finest quality stainless steel, pre-sterilized, disposable needles are used. Most insertions are just below the skin’s surface and the sensations felt vary from person to person. Sometimes a person feels nothing at all, or perhaps a slightly dull, momentary ache or tingling. Most people actually find the treatments very relaxing.